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Page last updated: 4/1/24

The Saturday morning schedule for grooming is usually full by mid-day on Friday. Please call early in the week if you need a Saturday morning appointment.
Nails getting too sharp? Is that beak starting to look a little overgrown? Bring you birds in for a full "spa" treatment. Our experienced groomer can tame those nails, trim the beak and get those wings into tiptop shape for you. For larger birds Dremel style tools are used for the beak and nails and then smoothed with a nail file or buffing pad. For smaller birds, clippers and files are usually best. To finish it off, there is a natural oil rub for dry beaks that leave them smooth and shiny, and an aloe spray bath to hydrate those feathers and moisturize the skin.

If your bird is not tame, just bring them in an appropriate carrier and our expert groomer will take care of them.

If your bird has a medical condition, is prone to seizures, is currently laying eggs, or has been ill 2 weeks prior to your grooming appointment, then grooming is not recommended. Babies that are being hand fed can be groomed, but their crop must be empty prior to grooming. Please schedule accordingly, or call the store for advice.

Grooming prices are based on the number of services you get. One service could be beak, wings, or nails, two services is any combination of beak, wings, or nails, and a full groom is all three services. The spray bath and oil for the beak is included free of charge. The spray bath is an optional service in December, January, and most of February. This is to avoid your bird possibly getting chilled during the cooler winter months. If you want it during that time, please let the groomer know. During the hot summer months, please cool you car for a few minutes before leaving for the store, and again when you leave for home. This will help keep your bird from overheating during the trip.

Grooming Rates
* Effective October 1, 2023

Prices: Per 1 item, 2 item, or full groom

Lg. Macaw/Mollucan Cockatoo:
1-$20 2-$25 3-$30

Amazon/Grey/Cockatoos/Sm. Macaw:
1-$20 2-$22 3-$25

Lg. Conure/Pionus/Caique/
Senegal/Quaker/Mini Macaw:

1-$15 2-$18 3-$20

Cockatiel/Green Cheek
1-$12 2-$14 3-$16

1-$8 2-$12 (for 2 or 3 items)

Tips for the groomer are greatly appreciated!