Kiwi, The Umbrella Cockatoo

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Kiwi is a personal pet of Dawn’s. He is 22 years old. Kiwi comes to the store with Dawn 5 or 6 days a week so this is his home away from home. If Kiwi was a human, he would be a sensitive, and misunderstood artist who sings sad songs from long lost civilizations. Just kidding. If Kiwi was human, he would be the child of Hannibal Lecter and the Joker. Biting people and then laughing about it.

Kiwi’s favorite things in the world are, pizza crust, cheddar cheese, cheese enchiladas that he steals from Dawn, cheese crackers, French fries, quick links, our toy vendor Bev, and screaming profanities when he’s outside. Kiwi’s least favorite things are open toed shoes, small children, showers, another resident cockatoo named Orlando, and anyone holding a broom or mop. If you see Kiwi on the floor, call for an employee, then grab the nearest child and run the other direction. We have a saying that you’re never truly a Tropic Zone employee until you’ve been bitten by Kiwi. In all seriousness, we love Kiwi. He’s not as bad as he sounds,. He can be incredibly sweet, and if he likes you, you’re his best friend. If he doesn’t like you, there is no changing his mind. He’s not a psycho, he’s just a cockatoo.

Kiwi stays on his tree behind the fence, so if you’re in Tropic Zone, stop by and say Hi to him - from a distance.
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