Jessie, the Blue Crowned Conure

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Page last updated: 6/13/24

Jessie is one of our resident birds and is not available for sale or adoption. He is 28 years old. We affectionately refer to him as "Señor Crabby Pants" because of his surly attitude. If you know Blue-Crowned Conures then you know Jessie is missing part of his beak. Years ago he picked a fight with an Amazon parrot and lost part of his beak. Due to the damage, his beak will never grow back to the normal length. Don't let that fool you, he can still give a nasty pinch if he gets the chance.

In typical Blue-Crowned Conure fashion Jessie is very dramatic. He absolutely HATES the UPS and FedEx trucks. If one of them parks on the south side of the building outside of the window, he screams at them. If you have food at the cash register and you don't offer it to him, he will let you know he's not happy with you. Sometimes you'll see him hang almost totally upside down to get your attention when you're eating.

He has quite the vocabulary and will sometimes cackle like a witch. He also says "Who loves you baby", and sings "You are my sunshine". Sometimes he will sneeze dramatically, and if you cough, he will repeat it - if he feels like it. He's got a bit of a potty mouth, but luckily he never swears when he's out on the sales floor. We've decided that if Jessie were a cartoon character, he would be Cartman from South Park.

Here is Jessie - you can imagine him screaming "GET OFF MY GRASS", or maybe Cartman yelling "Respect my authority!"

Stop by and say Hi to Jessie, but watch out for that beak!
Jessie Bird
Jessie Being Rotten