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Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

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If you are unable to pick up your bird on the scheduled pick-up date, please give us a call so we can update incoming reservations. Due to the inconvenience it causes other customer reservations, no call/no show pick-ups for birds being boarded in one of our cages will be changed an additional $5 per day late fee. If you are using your own cage, you will continue to be charged the regular daily boarding rate.
Also available for your bird sitting needs is our boarding facility.  Fresh food, proper diets, clean cages, attention by employees only, and a big screen TV to fall asleep to are just some of the features your bird will enjoy here at Tropic Zone.

Pricing includes the cost of basic food (seed and/or pellets, plus morning chop). 

Please book a reservation at least a week in advance, and a month in advance for a holiday. 

ALL BIRDS are REQUIRED to have a vet visit and physical done prior to boarding. The vet visit is good for one year from the date of the appointment. Many of the vets are booking several weeks in advance so please plan accordingly if you need a new wellness check.

Boarding Rates

* Effective March 1st, 2022 *

Monthly Rate: 10% OFF Boarding

Hyacinth - $22/day

Large Macaws - $20/day

Large Cockatoo - $20/day

Medium Sized Cockatoo - $18/day

Small Cockatoo - $15/day

African Grey/Amazon/Small Macaw

Alexandrine/Derbian/Golden Conure

Pionus/Caique/Large Conure/Quaker

Green Cheek Conure or Cockatiel


Tropic Zone © 2007 - 2023

We offer long term discounts - 10% off 30 days or more

If you're boarding for longer than 60 days, ask to speak to the owner about the rate.

We can accommodate smaller birds into larger cages, the price will reflect a larger bird cage size as deemed appropriate. Does not apply for holidays where upgrades are unavailable.

We no longer provide wooden or paper toys in the cages. You must bring one with you or you may purchase one upon drop off for 20% off. Otherwise, plastic/acrylic toys will be provided.

Cages are booked from the top down. If your bird needs to be
in a top cage, please request one when you make the reservation. We try our best to honor this type of request, but when we are heavily booked, we cannot alter other reservations to accommodate this at the last minute.

Small birds are welcome to stay in their own cage, however the cage must be clean on arrival. If the cage is dirty there will be a $25 cleaning fee added to the boarding.

$1 per day, per bird charge for the administration of medication.