Tropic Zone Grooming Days & Hours

Wings, nails, and beak trimmed:

  • Wed & Fri: 4pm – 7pm

  • Sat: 10am – 6pm

Come on down during our grooming hours for a kind and caring “spa day”. Let your birds get the full treatment, including an olive oil soak for dry beaks. Dremel tools are used for beaks and nails, with the addition of files and clippers depending on each individual birds’ needs. An aloe spray bath is optional as well at the end of the groom. We want your bird to feel like one of our own, no bird is excluded. If your bird is not tame, just simply bring them in an appropriate carrier and one of our expert groomers will take care of the rest.

Grooming is done on a first-come, first-served basis; upon arrival, sign up on our list and we will call your name when ready to serve you.

Prices (per one item, two item, or full groom 3 item):

Macaw/Mollucan Cockatoo: 1-$15 2-$20 3-$27
Amazon/Grey/Sm. Cockatoos: 1-$12 2-$17 3-$20
Lg. Conure/Pionus/Senegal: 1-$10 2-$14 3-$17
Sm. Conure/Cockatiel: 1-$7 2-$10 3-$12
Parakeet/Lovebird: 1-$5 2-$7